Life at Sopra Steria

Find out what makes Sopra Steria - a great place to work

Our induction program – helps you assimilate quickly

Our induction program aims to integrate new employees into Sopra Steria as smoothly as possible. This enables you to become fully operational quickly and easily.

dedicated Sopra Steria Academy is committed to offering you a tailor-made induction path thereby helping you feel as a part of the Group from day one.

On your arrival, you are welcomed by your new team and given training on our policies and methods using our common induction path - your Group welcome seminar is planned within your first three months. We are committed to ensuring a close local follow-up including meetings, feedback sessions, and regular exchanges with the management and your peers.

It’s not just about providing information – your induction also involves building appropriate relationships, knowledge, and understanding. A combination of housekeeping and education ensures that all new employees feel like a part of the organization. We want you to be confident in what you know about us, the services we offer, how we operate, and how you are best able to represent us.

Working across the world

Our international clients expect Sopra Steria to consistently deliver high-quality services from wherever we operate. That’s why our business processes and communities are designed to connect people across the organisation and we implement integrated solutions within our global delivery model.

Recognizing innovation

Throughout our history, our developments in new technology and new ways of working have kept Sopra Steria and our clients ahead of the competition. Tomorrow’s success will be defined by our innovations today. That is why we feel strongly about creating an environment where innovative ideas are appreciated and rewarded.

Career development


It is vital for the success of the Sopra Steria Group that the career aspirations of team members are anticipated and managed correctly. To meet this need we have a clearly defined job repository that helps employees know what is required of them and have a clear view of potential career paths.

At the beginning of their careers, employees should acquire a common grounding of key competencies and gain experience in order to continually develop their careers and adapt to possible future changes. We believe in a challenging and rewarding job experience accompanied by coaching, mentoring and training; leading employees into diverse career paths, developing both versatility and specialisation.

Enabling employees to choose their career stream and understand their role expectations not only helps them in the long run but also creates a win-win situation both for the organization and employees which in turn makes Sopra Steria India a great and interesting place to work.

Rewards & Recognition

As an organization, Sopra Steria believes that recognising exceptional performance in a timely and public manner at both an individual and team level is vital to employee morale and the company’s success. Awards are given to an employee in recognition of the length of service, quality of work performed, or for major achievements within the company.

Talent Development

Sopra Steria hires the best people and helps them become even better at what they do by providing a customized training and development program based on their goals and abilities. Our specialized Training Program for freshers provides intensive training on Technical and Soft Skills and hands-on experience on different projects and assignments.

Employee Benefits

At Sopra Steria, we believe that happier employees make for a stronger association. We have a state-of-the-art facility like a Gym, Creche, Library, and Recreation zone for the overall development of our employees.

Employee Clubs

In Sopra Steria India, we have different activity clubs driven by team members to organize various events and ease out the monotony of a routine workplace that often blocks mental growth.

We believe in Equal Opportunities

Sopra Steria recognises the tremendous benefits multi-culturalism brings to the workplace. Everyone in the company has an equal right to contribute in making Sopra Steria a unique, exciting, and motivating workplace.

We are committed to respecting human rights in all our dealings with employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers, and local communities. We never tolerate discrimination or harassment based on sex, color, marital status, civil partnerships, having or not having dependents, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other relevant category.