Global Delivery Model

In order to support ambitious projects of its customers, Sopra Steria has developed a Global Delivery network across France, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Asia, and India.

Our global delivery model is a strategic imperative that offers end-to-end implementation of the business process lifecycle through a full-service portfolio that balances cost, quality, and risk.

Sopra Steria India plays a vital role in the Group’s global delivery model. It has been providing high-quality and innovative offshore services to the customers in Europe and UK for more than 25 years. Sopra Steria India’s commitment to knowledge management, training and development, and benchmarked talent management practices, create a resource pool of highly skilled distributed teams capable of addressing business challenges across all time cycles and zones.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximized QRC (Quality, Responsiveness, and Cost Effectiveness)
  • Reduced risk
  • Round–the–clock Productivity
  • Secure operating environment
  • Highly scalable
  • Industry Domain Knowledge
  • High Technical Expertise
  • 24X7 developments