Corporate Responsibility

The fundamental principles of Sustainable Development are a major part of Sopra Steria’s DNA.

Its strategic and economic performance objectives associated with environmental, HR and societal performance have enabled Sopra Steria to grow in a spirit of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.

Sustainability has been integral to our culture for over 40 years; it shapes the way in which we fulfil our responsibilities to all Sopra Steria stakeholders, from our shareholders and clients to our employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate and our employees – past, present and prospective.

Our approach to sustainability starts with our own operations

  • Reducing energy consumption, emissions, waste and use of natural resources
  • Operating ethically
  • Engaging and supporting our employees, focusing on professional development, diversity and inclusion, and well-being Making a difference in our communities

In India, Sopra Steria’s Corporate Responsibility is managed under the banner of “Yogdaan”- Sopra Steria India CSR Initiative.

The various activities carried out by the CSR team in India are focused around 6 key pillars:


Sopra Steria’s education program aims to provide quality education to students from economically disadvantaged schools and train them to become equally competitive and secure a job for themselves. Special emphasis is given on ‘computer literacy’, ‘English language skills, ‘all round development’ – with emphasis on the education of the girl child. We currently support 65 projects, including 53 different schools in India, transforming the lives of over 69,100 children and 361 scholars.

Through our academic programs, Sopra Steria not just supports the students, but also the school in terms of providing basic infrastructure support which is lacking in the school. We adopt two approaches to achieve this: School Programs and Beyond School Programs. Our School Programs include setting up of Solar powered computer centers, school libraries, self learning English language software, smart classrooms, mentorship, career guidance & life skill programs, pure & clean drinking water, health & hygiene sessions, toilets & sanitation, etc. The Beyond School Programs include Scholarship programs for bright youngsters to pursue a college education and Career Development Centers to impart short term job oriented training.


Healthcare has been a big focus area for Sopra Steria. It has been identified that there are still many areas where people do not have access to quality health care. Sopra Steria has taken a step in this direction. Eye camps with free cataract surgery provision for rural communities and free Dental Camps for children has been a part of this initiative.


In India, Sopra Steria focuses on encouraging Sanitation for all, in line with the Government’s Clean India Drive and access to clean drinking water. Several initiatives related to constructing toilets and improving sanitation in rural areas as well as primary schools have been taken to achieve the goal of better and clean India. Sopra Steria’s Aqua Water Tower project is an initiative to provide clean and drinking water to students. This program is presently operating in 5 schools.

Skill Development:

Taking a step towards women empowerment, Sopra Steria has initiated the Project Karigari, a vocational training program of stitching and tailoring for underprivileged women to make them employable. Previously, three Karigari vocational training centers were operated across Noida with more than 100 local women enrolled.

Community services:

At Sopra Steria, our priority is to work for the benefit of the underprivileged people from our community and provide them a chance to overcome their struggle. Extension of Relief during natural disasters, Distribution of Solar Lanterns, Blood Donation Camps, Traffic rules awareness campaign, etc.  are some of the programs carried out by Sopra Steria to extend support to the local community.


In Sopra Steria, we do our bit by encouraging our employees and customers to say no to plastic bags, switching to paperless technology, recycling of papers to instill a sense that “green is good”. Several environment awareness and tree plantation drives are also conducted by our volunteers from time to time.